Hamilton’s story

Nestled in the heart of the Waikato in New Zealand, Hamilton is a growing city with a range of opportunities for businesses and investors. It’s a city of growth, opportunity and innovation, and the perfect place to build your future.

Hamilton is New Zealand’s largest inland city with the mighty Waikato River running through the middle. More people are moving here as it’s a modern, innovative city with affordable living costs and thriving businesses. Hamilton’s economy is strong, diverse, flourishing and part of the ‘golden triangle’ of economy and freight with Auckland and Tauranga. The golden triangle accounts for two-thirds of all freight in New Zealand. We’re also home to some of New Zealand’s more innovative and export-driven companies and research institutes.

Our proximity to international ports and New Zealand’s busiest international airport mean we’re highly connected to the rest of the world.

Hamilton is a business-friendly city. Industrial land and office space are readily available with affordable rent ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Ultra Fast Fibre is available throughout our city and our low risk of disruptive natural events, make it a reliable location to do business.

Australasia's largest base hospital is based centrally around the beautiful Hamilton Lake. The city has beautiful urban elements with river paths, parks, playgrounds, world-class Gardens and a Zoo to keep you entertained.

Not only are we part of the mighty Waikato, we also have a strong link to our neighbours, Waikato and Waipa Districts, to build on our strong sub-region as the city and economy doesn't stop at the city boundary.

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Investment opportunities

Hamilton's an ideal location to build, buy or invest in a business. Our economy is strong and it's only going to get better. Projects, worth billions of dollars, are allready underway throughout the city. Do you want to be part of the success? Have a look at some more information about the key investment opportunities you could be part of

  • New central city 4-5 star hotel
  • Waikato University's proposed medical school

Seven key sectors

  • Freight & logistics
    Due to its central location and key road and rail connections, Hamilton is becoming an important logistics hub.
  • Agri-tech
    Our innovative technology providers support the rich farmland surrounding the city and beyond.
  • Education
    Hamilton known for its top-quality education institutes at all levels from pre-school to tertiary.
  • Healthcare
    Australasia's largest training hospital is located in Hamilton as well as strong private health businesses.
  • IT &, research & development
    Critical data and research centres and based in Hamilton as the city has a low natural hazard risk.
  • High value manufacturing
    Hamilton is home to a number of manufacturers who use leading technology to develop high value products.
  • Tourism
    Hamilton is the gateway to a bustling tourism area with a number of internationally-recognised locations.


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